Do You Need Golf Shoes?

Do You Need Golf Shoes?

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Wearing proper mens golf shoes to play a round of golf doesn’t just make you feel more like a golfer, they can actually improve your game and your score. Golf shoes have evolved significantly since the first shoes were produced in the 1940s; today’s golfing shoes are designed to be comfortable, something that’s important when you’re walking for several hours. Shoes with padded inside soles provide the most comfort, and it’s also worth buying a pair that are water resistant. Golfing shoes also provide flexibility and stability when taking a shot from rough or sloping ground, or playing from the bunker. The larger shoe base also makes it easier to maintain balance, something that is a must when taking your shot. Spiked golf shoes add another element of stability, and can be a lifesaver when lining up your putt on wet and slippery greens.

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