Designing A Full Body TRX Workout

Designing A Full Body TRX Workout

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You can target different areas of your body using nothing but suspension straps and your own weight as resistance. Start with stretches such as a chest stretch, a torso twist stretch, and a figure 4 stretch to improve flexibility.

Move on to weight training such as bicep curls. Just face the anchor and grabs the handles. Your hands should be in front of your face. Walk backwards and lean back while making your weight rest on the anchor. Straighten your arms while keeping your body straight. Pull yourself back up using your biceps to complete the rep.

You can also do variations of popular exercises such as push-ups. Increase the difficulty by placing your feet on the handles and your hands on the ground. The higher your feet, the greater the load you will have to carry. Keep you core engaged the whole time in this TRX workout.

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