Cotton Bath Towels And The Variants Of Choice


Cotton Bath Towels provide the best drying material and are categorized by a number of variants. The first variant to consider when examining cotton towels is the gram per square meter (GSM). The GSM has three ranges. Low GSM is 300 to 400 GSM and are the type of towels that are thin, coarse, and dry fast. Medium GSM is 400 to 620 GSM and are the type of towel most likely found in your bathroom. And, High GSM ranges from 620 to 900 GSM are high prices luxury towels. Egyptian and Turkish Cotton are the most popular luxury towels. And, Pima cotton a new luxury cotton that originates from Puru, Australia, and the Southwest United States. Originally from Puru, Pima Cotton is named for the Pima Indian tribe of Puru. The fact that this particular cotton type can be produced outside this region makes it unique.

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