Common Post Menopause Symptoms

Common Post Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is officially defined as 12 months after a woman’s final period, after which pregnancy is no longer possible. Perimenopause refer to the years before menopause when period starts to become irregular and hot flashes are frequent. Post menopause, meanwhile, refer to the years after menopause when many of the symptoms fade away. However, changes will continue to happen within the body. Health issues will arise due to the reduction on estrogen. Treatment will require careful consideration by experts. Below are the most common post menopause symptoms:

Bone Loss

Lower levels of estrogen result in bone loss or osteoporosis. Although weaker bones is a natural part of aging for both sexes, women have it worse so they need to be extra careful. They are more susceptible to injuries such as broken bones if they slip and fall. These will take time to heal and cause mobility issues. Consuming more calcium can help minimize bone loss. Regular exercise can also be a tremendous boon since it stimulates the body to develop more muscles and stronger bones.


Another result of the hormonal changes is the thinning of the urethra. Childbirth and aging can also make the muscles weaker around this area which causes incontinence. Bladder leakage can occur more frequently which can make it difficult to travel or socialize. The risk of developing urinary tract infections is also higher. Other issues may come up requiring medical attention. Make sure to tell your doctor right away if you develop UTI as this can be dangerous if allowed to get worse without treatment.

Vaginal Atrophy

The sexuality of women post menopause can change as well. The hormone estrogen is a vital part of lubricating the vagina’s walls during intercourse. When this hormone’s level plunges, the body may not be able to produce the natural lubrication necessary during sex. Dryness can lead to pain and irritation. This is also part of the reason why UTI is prevalent. The vaginal tissues will also get thinner.

Lower Metabolism

The body’s natural metabolic rate will slow down post menopause. Calories will be used up at a slower rate which results in more fat being stored in the body as an energy source. Old age typically coincides with a decrease in physical activity which makes the situation even worse. If a person is concerned about weight increase and appearance, then a change in lifestyle can help make things better. Some might also get hormone therapy if they are suitable candidates for the treatment.

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