Blue Obsidian – What It Is And How It’s Used


All Obsidian is a mineral-class silica oxide. The varieties are created when volcanic lava is rich in silicic acids, flows, and is then cooled quickly to form a glass-like rock. This usually happens when the lava flows in a body of water.

The color of blue obsidian can range from a pale aqua to a deep sea blue. Much of this obsidian on the market today originates in Mexico, and many pieces of it is man made. Naturally occurring obsidian of this variety is very rare.

The variation in coloring occurs from different levels of Aluminum Silicate, Beryllium, and Iron as well as the concentration of silica oxide. Most of the brightest colors is either made or reformed by man, with other ingredients added in to intensify or modify the original color.

In many cultures, this stone is thought to activate the throat chakra and keep negativity at bay.

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