Benefits Of Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket

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The science behind a weighted blanket is that it is intended to feel like you are being held as you sleep, by means of a gentle and warm pressure being exerted. The first such blankets were devised by an occupational therapist in the late 1990s, and today there are several benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket. If your night in bed is typically one of tossing and turning, the blanket can help to reduce the amount of movement, and enable better quality sleep. It can also decrease anxiety, as it lowers activity in the nervous system when lying down trying to fall asleep. Anyone with ADHD can also benefit from the blanket as it helps to reduce hyperactive movements. And the blanket’s extra weight can also help those with osteoarthritis or other chronic pain to experience less pain and sleep more soundly.

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