Basic Email Security Tips

Basic Email Security Tips

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While most cyber-security professionals are aware of some common email security vulnerabilities such as malware, phishing, business email compromise, and others, it is especially important to consider securing outbound email traffic and data.

One of the easiest and least costly security measures you can take for your emails is to prevent hackers from accessing them. For instance, if you use an encrypted webmail provider, only the intended recipient can read the emails. Moreover, you can also ensure that your email address is always encrypted when sending emails.

You should ensure that you have strong passwords for all of your accounts. Use a different password for each email account. Another step you can take to improve security is to keep all your emails in a safe place and not send them to anyone who you don’t know well.

If you’re using a free email service, then there are also ways you can help protect yourself from attacks, such as setting up two-factor authentication in your account.

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