Australian Essential Oils Use Plants That Grow In The Wild


The geographical separation of Australia from the rest of the world has led to that continent having a diversity of plant life not found elsewhere. In many cases, these plants have had their essential oils extracted and were part of the medical drugs used by the aboriginal population who were the original inhabitants of that country.

Among the plants used for Australian essential oils are the eucalyptus and tea tree. These oils from plants that are native to Australia have a lot of antimicrobial properties that can be of help to fight colds and influenza, as well as other antiseptic and antiviral properties.

While these plants are grown commercially in other parts of the world for essential oil production, this has never been the case in Australia, where they grow in the wild in a great number of varieties. Eucalyptus has 700 different species, and besides the tea tree, there are also other native plant species that are used for making essential oil.

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