Are You Ready For A Printed House?


A lot of publicity is being generated in support of the 3D printed house concept. Yet it may be too early to tell if it is truly a viable alternative to traditional construction methods. After all, a properly maintained house made out of brick or wood is likely to last for a hundred years without much of a problem.

Naturally, you can’t wait until the 22nd Century before deciding if this type of construction is what you want, but it may prove wise to wait at least a few years before putting your own money at risk. With any 3D printed House Australia and its climate of heat, humidity, and storms may have something to say about how long things will last.

By their very nature, 3D materials are composite ones. Exposing any composite material to weather will result in degradation over time. The question is what rate of degradation is to be found in these projects and they haven’t been around long enough to be really sure.

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