Why You Should Do A UPS Shipping Audit


A shipping audit refers to the process of checking and validating shipping invoices to make sure that they are correct. This allows you to carefully analyze and verify the accuracy of your shipping costs to find instances of overcharging in invoices and to recover payments for service failures such as late delivery. Here are some examples of charges you may need to question:

• Late Delivery Charges
• Non-Shipments
• Incorrect surcharges
• Duplicate Charges
• Incorrect Address Correction charges
• Incorrect Weight Dimension Charges
• Incorrect Tariff Rate

If you are using UPS for your shipping, a UPS shipping audit can save you considerable money on incorrect charges and service delivery failures. UPS service agreements are complex and if you receive hundreds (or even thousands) of invoices per month, it is extremely difficult to perform such audits manually. Instead you can use third party services that can analyze your charges for you or purchase software to automate the process.

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