Why Use Structural Insulated Panels?

Why Use Structural Insulated Panels?

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Structural insulated panels offer lots of benefits in the construction of walls, floors and ceilings. These panels are excellent replacement materials for traditional lumber and insulation combination. The panels are durable, energy efficient and strong. They help reduce heating and cooling energy bills. It is possible to order these panels in custom sizes. Standard units are sufficient for most construction projects. The insulated panels have excellent strength and can handle heavy loads and stress.

Use of these panels help eliminate the roof trusses allowing more living space under the roof. They prove superior to the wood framing. You get 50% more energy efficiency compared to the traditional wood framing. The metal sheets make the panel less prone to shifting. You can combine these panels easily with brick, stone, slate, steel, glass, wood, tiles, block and other building materials. CAD designs of the structure can be prepared precisely because exact measurements of the panels are known.

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