Which are the best packers and movers in Toronto?

Which are the best packers and movers in Toronto?

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Your moving date is quickly approaching and just the thought of it gives you headaches. See how this wasn’t even a question? We know how it goes! The greater majority of people get goosebumps just by hearing about moving and packing. While the moving process is quite stressful, as a general rule, the need to pack beforehand does not make it any better. However, there are ways to make this process easier. Hiring professional packers and movers for your Toronto move will ease your life in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Keep reading to find out why!

Professional packers usually work for moving companies. They work as movers, as well, that being their primary occupation. But if needed, they can expertly wrap and box up everything in your household in no time. In Toronto, you can find plenty of movers who also work as packers – these two usually go together. But, just like not all Toronto movers are the same, you should know that not all Toronto packers are the same, either. There are a lot of differences and it might be hard to choose from hundreds of companies. However, if you follow our tips, it might be easier for you to find the best packers and movers for your next Toronto move.

Do some basic research

The logical order in which we recommend you proceed starts with finding the best moving company in Toronto. The internet is full of moving companies’ websites, which showcase the skills and experience of their crews. And while this might not be 100% relevant, since advertising often tends to exaggerate reality, you can almost always count on customers’ reviews. Any reputable moving company in Toronto has a profile on Homestars, Yelp, or Google. Visit those platforms and check out their ratings and their reviews. This research might be slightly time-consuming, but we guarantee it will be worth it. After you find the best Toronto movers, it is time to find the best Toronto packers, as well.

And by this we mean it is time to ask the moving company of your choice whether or not they offer packing services. If they do, ask about their terms and conditions and, most importantly, ask about their prices. The reason moving and packing companies usually don’t publish their prices on their websites is because these prices vary a lot from one move to another. People have different needs and different requests, and therefore they pay different amounts of money for their residential moves. However, moving companies will gladly offer you estimates for your move, including the packing services. If you are lucky, you might even get a free quote for your move, since many moving companies provide free estimates. And if you need same day movers and packers, get in touch with moving companies and inquire! They might find an empty timeslot for you and it might not even cost you extra!

Learn about the costs

As mentioned in the above section, moving and packing companies often don’t show their prices on their websites. But do reach out to them and ask! We recommend you give them a call, because it is easier to communicate all your moving and packing needs to the operator. This way, they will be able to give you a more accurate estimation of the costs. If you ask us, the fairest way of calculating the costs of moving and packing services is by charging an all-inclusive hourly rate. We have been doing this at Let’s Get Moving for many years now, and customers are very happy with this policy. Basically, whatever happens during that time interval is paid per hour, at the same price. So don’t worry if the packers you hired are using a lot of bubble wrap to pack all your precious China! They will not charge you extra for the supplies or for the labour.

But since many moving and packing companies apply extra costs, make sure you acknowledge and understand them before booking. This goes if you plan to book same day movers and packers, as well: ask about the extra costs. Otherwise, you risk some very unpleasant surprises. Choose a moving and packing company that is reliable and that has been endorsed by numerous customers! If hundreds of people from Toronto before you were happy with the packing and moving services they received, chances are you will be happy, as well.

Prepare in advance  

Normally, professional movers and packers will tell you beforehand how and what to prepare. If you hire true professionals, they will most likely not need you to prepare in any way whatsoever. If you decide that you want to move today, you can find professional and affordable same day movers and packers in Toronto. And you don’t have to move a muscle! As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to clean your desk or tidy up your room! Just welcome the crew in your home and they will do the magic. Professional movers and packers will come fully equipped with tools and supplies for each item in your house. If you were to do the packing by yourself, you would have risked finishing your packing paper or bubble wrap before getting the work done. But rest assured your professional packers will never run out of moving supplies! This applies even if you plan a short notice move: same day Toronto packers and movers will always be prepared for any of your move-related needs.

There are plenty of advantages to hiring professional packers over packing yourself. They will definitely work faster than you, having a lot of experience and doing this every day. Your fragile items will easily be handled by professionals and you will not risk damaging them. Professional packers know best how to properly wrap every single item in a way that will keep it safe until it is transported to your new home. They will get the work done in no time and you will not feel any stress at all!

Need professional same day packers and movers in Toronto? We are your men! Call now to book a move with us and Let’s Get Moving!

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