When Should You Replace Your Central Heating Boiler?

When Should You Replace Your Central Heating Boiler?

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The boiler is very much the heart of any central heating system and whether it is gas or electric, there will come a day when it needs replacing. Even with correct servicing and maintenance, the boiler has a lifespan and rather than spending more money on repairs, it is often wiser to opt for a complete replacement. This raises the obvious question, which is, “When is the best time to replace a central heating boiler?”

Talk to the Experts

While there are a few servicing companies that might try to convince you to change your boiler before it actually needs to be replaced, the majority of central heating engineers will tell you the truth regarding boiler replacement. New boiler installation will certainly result in using less energy and in the event your boiler has seen better days, this might be the best long term solution. An old boiler might still work, yet it uses far more energy that it should and the longer this goes on, the more you are paying. If you think your boiler is not performing as well as it should, call in a local servicing contractor, who can evaluate the situation and make a recommendation.

Reasonable Expectancy

If a boiler is of good quality and has been regularly serviced, you should get around 15 years of use before it is time to think about replacing. During that time, certain components like the thermostat and heating element (if electric) would need to be replaced, but eventually, the boiler itself will no longer be as efficient as it once was. Of course, a lot would depend on how much use the boiler has had over a period of time, but generally, you can expect to see at least a decade of use from a boiler.

Energy Efficient Boilers

If you do decide to replace your existing boiler with a new model, then you can expect the very best in fuel efficiency. The efficiency rating of a state of the art domestic gas boiler, for example, would far exceed that of even 5 years ago, meaning your heating bills will be significantly lower and this saving is ongoing. What might seem like a heavy expense, when factored over, say 10 years, it suddenly seems reasonable.

The Importance of Regular Boiler Inspections

If your boiler is working all hours and never serviced or inspected, you could be using a lot more energy than is necessary and the longer this goes on, the more you are spending on energy. With regular boiler inspections, when the time does come to replace the unit, you will know and can make an informed decision as to either replacing it or having the boiler repaired.

The modern gas fired boiler is designed to give you many years of trouble free service, providing it is regularly serviced, and when your central heating system is no longer running at optimum levels, a qualified service engineer can give you his professional opinion on whether repair or replacement is the best solution.

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