What You Should Know About Dubai Visas

What You Should Know About Dubai Visas

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Getting into the United Arab Emirates will require a visa. The criteria of visa application varies1 depending where you are applying the visa from. If you are an applying for Dubai Visas here are some of the things to note.

Where to Get the Visas?

The visas can be applied when you arrive the EAU airport. Note the visas will serve you for 30 days. It is non-renewable and if you are planning to stay longer you will need to notify the immigration.

About Sponsors

If you are travelling you will can get a tourist visa which can stay valid for 30 days, service visa which can last 14 days, or you can get a visa visit from a hotel.

Work Visa

The one employing you can request for a work visa. Thus, you will not have to go through the process.


If you are planning on getting UAE visas, it is paramount to do your research. If you have accurate information you will have an easy time with the application.

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