What To Do With Your Old IPad

What To Do With Your Old IPad

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Your iPad might be old but it can still be useful as long as it is fully functional. Consider using it as another screen on your desk to monitor stock prices, social media hashtag, or whatever else you are interested in. You can also make it your dedicated music streaming device. Just connect it to decent speakers via Bluetooth and you’ll be good to go.

If you already have a surplus of screens, then you may want to give it away to those who might need them. Charities collect old devices for distributed to poor students who can use these for their studies. This is more important than ever given everyone’s dependence on the Internet for working and schooling.

Last, you can trade your device through an iPad buy back scheme. You will get a fraction of the original price in cash or in store credits. Use this money for upgrades or other gadget purchases.

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