What Stripper Heels Are


Stripper heels are a specific type of high heel shoe. These are made differently from your regular high heel shoes.

At the top front of these heels, there’s a curved insole so that your toes don’t get crushed when you’re doing sweeps, kicks, and slides on the dance floor. They also have a padded lining there that’ll help to keep your toes feeling comfortable all night long. Underneath here you’ll find an angled toe box that helps make your toes look great because they’re pointed. There’s also a curved out sole that’ll help you rock forward.

In the back of the shoe is an angled high heel to provide you with support directly beneath your foot. There’s also a one-piece shank to help you easily get up and down from the floor.

These shoes are used primarily in the adult entertainment industry, hence how they got their name.

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