What Is Shiplap And How Is It Used?

What Is Shiplap And How Is It Used?

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Shiplap is a type of wooden board that was historically used as siding in the construction of houses, barns and outbuildings. Today shiplap is used in interior design on walls. It is characterized by the use of long planks, often stained or painted white, that are horizontally mounted with a slight gap between each plank that is intended to evoke the style of exterior walls used in old structures such as those listed above.

The use of shiplap horizontally in a room as a design feature makes a room appear larger and more spacious while using it vertically draws the eye upwards and emphasizes the height of a room, particularly if it already has a high ceiling.

There are many suppliers of shiplap Los Angeles that stock aged examples of this type of wooden planking of various sizes and colours that can be used as a design feature in a home.

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