What Is MT5 Server Hosting?

What Is MT5 Server Hosting?

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MetaTrader 5 (MT5) server hosting enables 24/7 operation of the MT5 stock trading system which automatically reacts to market signals and executes trades using trading robots. Server hosting provides a virtual trading platform that continues to operate in the background allowing trades to be executed at any time with minimum delay.

MT5 server hosting should provide minimum network latency between the software and a broker’s trade server to ensure the fastest execution of trades possible. Details of trading rules, indicators, scripts and signals subscriptions from an MT5 setup can be copied to the virtual environment with a few clicks of the mouse. Many providers of MT5 hosting services will offer a free test period to allow a customer to check whether the service operates as advertised. Once an initial renting period expires a customer can change the service plan if required.

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