What Is Intensive Driving Course UK?

What Is Intensive Driving Course UK?

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The first part of the intensive driving course UK includes classroom work, where students will have to go through the theoretical study material and complete a practical test. The second part of the course entails traveling to an approved driving school and sitting for the practical test. After the practical test, the students will have to attend a further theoretical part before getting their license. Some schools do not require the students to take the practical test before getting their license, but this will depend on the driving instructor that the student chooses to follow.

The duration of the intensive driving course varies according to the method of learning that the students prefer. Some prefer it over the regular classes, while some prefer to enroll for short term courses which last a week. Most of the schools that offer the intensive version have all the equipment, including the simulators, to practice on the driving simulator to get an idea about the actual course.

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