What Are NDIS Accommodation?

What Are NDIS Accommodation?

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The Government’s new Disability Discrimination Act 2021 makes it much easier to get an NDIS Accommodation for people who need it through National Disability Services (NDIS). Under this new system, old discretionary plans will be replaced by new individualized care plans that consider all the unique needs of the Australian, disabled community. If you or a family member in your household have a serious disability, then you might be eligible for special consideration under the new system. However, if you feel that you are not eligible for a pre-existing medical condition, you can still get accommodation through an approved provider. The good thing is that with the increasing number of people who require disability support, there have been significant improvements in the accessibility and quality of services.

An important part of the investment property portfolio of any real estate investor is the NDIS Accommodation. This is because this accommodation helps make sure that people with disabilities can easily access home and get the help they need to remain living in the same premises.

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