What Are Fair Trade Companies?

What Are Fair Trade Companies?

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The term fairtrade refers to supporting farmers and workers in the developing world to receive a fair price for their efforts, decent working conditions, sustainable local production and fair terms when trading with first-world buyers.

Fair trade companies are those that support these principles and source their materials based on the fairtrade goals listed above. By requiring companies to pay fair prices (which means paying at least the prevailing market price) it means that consumers can tackle the injustices that are built into conventional trade which traditionally takes advantage of the most vulnerable people in developing countries. Fairtrade practices enable these people to improve the quality of their lives and their family lives and have more control of their future.

By supporting companies that have committed to fairtrade principles consumers can help to make a better world for people in developing countries simply by thinking about the products they choose to buy and how they were sourced.

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