What Are Eyelash Magnets?


Applying standard fake eyelashes is a hassle: you need to fiddle around with glue and have the dexterity of a watchmaker to place them correctly and then you have the hassle of removing them afterwards.

Eyelash magnets, or magnetic eyelashes, are a way of applying false eyelashes without having to use glue. Instead, the magnetic eyelashes sandwich the natural lashes between two small strip magnets that hold them in place.

Magnetic eyelashes are much easier to use and to remove. Before applying them you should curl your lashes to create a solid base. Then apply a coat of mascara to get your real lashes looking as good as possible. Finally attach the magnetic lashes. While it may be tricky to attach them when you first start out, it does become easier with time. Never apply mascara to the false lashes, this will make them look lumpy and strange.

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