WCB Alberta Policies Affect Workers Compensation Premiums


Are you concerned about who pays your monthly WCB Alberta policies? Well, you will find that public sector insurers pay. Even private-sector pay for their employees. In the future, the Alberta government will also defer their medical costs until the private sector makes up the difference. This means that the private insurance companies will have less of a share of your overall hospital bill because they won’t be required to cover all the costs themselves.

Why is this good news for Albertans? Not only will low-cost premiums make healthcare more affordable, but it will also mean that more Albertans can afford to get the full benefits of their insurance coverage. Just think what the costs mean to an injured worker if the company isn’t willing to cover their total hospital bill. He or she will simply have to accept the lesser amount due to them through workers compensation and will have no way of getting the much needed medical care that they or their family need. For these reasons, the Alberta government has worked hard to ensure that its workers earn the highest level of benefits possible.

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