Visit The Panic Room Kent

Visit The Panic Room Kent

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Escape rooms have become a great form of entertainment because they can be done by a group and is an excuse to get off the phones and actually get together for an adventure. One of the first places to build on this growing trend is in Kent and is still active, providing a large collection of rooms from which to choose. This means that newbies have a large selection and it takes a lot of patronage to exhaust the options. It is possible to pick something that fits a group or target victim.

Find a panic room Kent friends are already raving about. If they loved it, then it might be right for yourself and a few friends. Real challenges are much more exciting because most problems are not solved using a finger swipe. Feel the real adrenaline of being locked away and having to find a key or satisfy a demanding gatekeeper to escape and collect a reward, if it is deserved.

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