Using Hemp Organic Grow Mats


Organic grow mats are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Made with completely natural materials, these mats provide a strong yet light rooting environment. They are highly absorptive but soak only the right amount of water. The roots of the herbs and seedlings are not damaged. Made with industrial hemp fibers which are intertwined with a biodegradable backing, it is capable of holding water that is more than 1000% its weight. The roots receive a sufficient amount of water continuously.

There are many advantages of using this hemp growth mat to support the seedlings. These fibers provide strong support during the rooting phase. It is a lot cleaner medium compared to the soil or cocoa. It is also a more sustainable alternative to coconut and peat moss. Made with natural and sustainable fibers, this mat meets the standards of sustainable, natural, and organic growing practices. It promotes a good germination growth rate. You can order it in standard cut sizes or in the roll form. The dry unit does not take that much space. It expands when soaked in water.

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