Unleash The Power Of Direct Mail Advertising For Your Brand


We live in a digital world, where our choices, preferences and purchases are largely influenced by information available on the internet and digital platforms. If you are a brand owner, you are probably wondering if direct mail advertising will still work for your marketing needs. Let’s start by saying that direct mail is still relevant and remains one of the better ways of targeted marketing. However, with digital marketing coming in the mix, the approach to traditional advertising as to change and evolve. In this post, we will talk about using direct mail advertising for your brand.

Digital marketing vs. direct mail advertising

According to a known agency – US Presort, more than 60% consumers reported their opinion about a brand changed after they looked up online. More than 95% will check a brand online before placing an order or responding to a direct mail. No wonder, many brands have shifted towards digital channels. However, contrary to what many people believe, direct mail advertising is not dead, and if the experts are to be believed, it will remain a powerful tool for most brands.

About using direct mail advertising effectively

First and foremost, in today’s age and time, there is nothing called a “perfect” marketing platform. You have to integrate, use and mix as many channels and strategies as you can, keeping brand goals and requirements in consideration. If you want to succeed with direct mail advertising, you have to ensure that your digital strategy is on point. This includes maintaining an updated website, using IP targeting and focusing on social media. Secondly, it is important to keep up with the changing trends. You cannot just sell things on direct mails anymore – you have to work on creating contents that sell things. In short, it’s important to appreciate and evaluate the expectations of your target audience, which should be a memo for designing contents.

Seek professional assistance

If you cannot design a marketing campaign, hire an agency that can get the right mix for you. They can talk about the ways of reducing cost of direct mail advertising, besides focusing on the essential elements on digital marketing. An agency can also help in evaluating your marketing goals, so that necessary changes can be made in time. Also, you can get regular reports on your campaign, which will help in comparing results better.

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