Understanding The Number One Cause Of Bone Density Loss


Bone density loss is frequently attributed to the normal aging process. Although the density and volume of bones will invariably decline with age, the number one cause of this problem is actually tooth decay. Gum disease and other oral health issues that are allowed to spiral out of control will eventually find their way into the underlying bone structure. Over time, these infections can cause the jawbone to deteriorate, loosen the teeth, affect facial aesthetics due to volume loss, and more.

There are, however, a number of strategies that people can leverage for keeping the bone that supports their teeth intact. To start, it is important to floss each and every day. In fact, it is best to floss at less twice a day, and better still to floss or rinse the mouth after every meal as well. People should also be diligent in scheduling regular dental appointments. This will give their dentists ample opportunity to catch and correct minor oral health issues before they have the change to become widespread.

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