Try Wax Melt Warmers To Rid Your Home Of Houseatosis


If you enter your home and immediately smell a staleness or light houseatosis, basically a foul smell that’s lingering, consider wax melt warmers to erase or mask the odor. Due to years of being a commodity available to families, the market is full of great wax melts with a wide variety of fragrances.

You might not care for flowery odors. Perhaps you light more natural smells, like spices such as cloves or cinnamon. If so, you’re in luck, those types of fragrances abound. Eucalyptus, Cucumber, Aloe, and many more are the more natural aromas that can greet you at the door of your home if you melt these wax fragrances in your melt warmer.

But then you may be the person who enjoys floral odors. For you, the choices are plentiful. Wild Orchid, Cherry Blossom, Sunflower, Orange Blossom, and Pure Gardenia are just a few of your options.

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