Translation for immigration


Translation for immigration ( has over the past few years become one of the fastest growing sectors in the translation field. It encompasses almost endless variety of documents. You may be required to translate and certify standard civil status documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates), police records, academic records (leaving certificates or any other secondary education completion certificate, university parchments or transcripts of results), bank documents (bank statements, credit reports) or even very complex court and legal documents from across jurisdictions, including legal treaty texts for international case hearings, for example. In other words, depending on the case and purpose, effectively any document may be required to be translated and certified for immigration purposes.

Translation for immigration may be required if you are moving countries for work, joining your spouse abroad (family reunification), moving residence for commercial and business reasons, applying for citizenship or nationality and may thus be required to sit a nationality test, etc. Although some of the documents may be standard and straight forward and can be translated within a 24-hour completion period, others may require additional processing time.

Some of the personal documents required for immigration purposes may be handwritten and although our translators are professional and experienced in the language and the terminology they work with; all translations are always checked with our customers. This is necessary to ensure accuracy and consistency in spellings (names, addresses, etc.) to avoid any delays or glitches in your immigration application and process.

We deliver professional and accurate translation services for immigration, but it is also important for us that you are happy with the service. Customer satisfaction is a priority in the work we do and we are here to guide and assist you along the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

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