Thinking Bioenergy: The Advantages of Biofuels


Over a century and a half, human beings have been fossil fuels, and in almost a decade MBP Solutions have become very good at finding, extracting and refining crude products in which biofuels are made.  As the prices of fuel hike and global warming becomes more pervasive, a good percentage of the world’s population are starting to opt for biofuels. These not only allow us to decrease our consumption of fossil fuels but also help us save money.

With bioenergy, you don’t have to go to major extremes to help the environment. You can fill up your car with ethanol or biodiesel which help protect our planet from global warming through the emission of less pollution as compared to fossil fuels.  Since biofuels are derived from crops, they can be harvested yearly, and unlike fossil fuels, they are a renewable source of energy. Here are some of the major advantages of biofuels.

Economic benefits

It is a known fact that biofuels contribute to economic development across the globe. According to the US Department of Energy, the country saw the creation of 401,000 jobs from ethanol in 2011 alone. However, it is not just the US that is experiencing such benefits; biofuel jobs are increasing internationally. According to the annual review of the International Renewable Energy Agency, 1.8 million biofuels jobs tallied worldwide plus more than another million in other types of bioenergy.

The economic benefits of biofuels go beyond the creation of jobs. The tripling of oil has become an economic disaster to third world countries that import oil. However, those that develop domestic biofuel industries can buy fuel from their local farmers instead of spending money that they don’t have to buy imported.

They pose less risk to the health of humans

Every year oil refineries release millions of tons of chemical substances such as formaldehyde, butadiene, and benzene which can cause birth defects and cancer. They also produce pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and lead which can cause health problems including heart disease and asthma.

The health benefits of biofuels also extend beyond refineries. According to research done by the Air Pollution Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine at Sao Paulo University, Brazil, replacing diesel and gasoline with ethanol would result in the following health benefits:

  • Preventing over 9,000 hospital admissions annually
  • Saving 1,400 lives every year
  • Saving the Brazilian government over $190 million per year

They are sustainable and easily available

Biofuels are not only easy to source but can also be grown almost everywhere unlike fossil fuels which can only be found in limited areas of the world. As humans use up known supplies of fuel, they are driven to find more thus using extremes such as fracking or drilling in the arctic.

Among, alternatives of fossil fuels, biofuels are readily available. According to, biofuels top the list of alternative fuels, and as fossil fuel decreases, biofuel will become our main source of fuel. Additionally, producing biofuel is becoming easier as well as more energy efficient when compared to producing petroleum.

They reduce harmful emissions thus lowering the impact on the environment

In comparison to gasoline, ethanol reduces the emission of greenhouse gas by about 34%. At present, advanced biofuels are helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% thus making them the most efficient way of reducing carbon in transportation in the existing carpool. The great thing about biofuels is that the plants they are made from while growing have already absorbed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thus making them almost account for zero emissions.

As technology continues to advance in both the bioenergy and agricultural industries, more alternatives energy sources can be used in biofuel production. Biofuels could also make a massive difference in aviation fuel. It is high time that we transitioned to alternative methods of fuel source for the sake of our planet and what better way than biofuels.

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