The Scope Of An Agile Scrum Workshop

The Scope Of An Agile Scrum Workshop

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The agile scrum workshop is based on the original scrum specification and guidebook, version 1.0, released in 2021 by the Scrum Team at The United States Department of Defense. This guidebook was the first of its kind and established the methodology that is the foundation of agile software development.

The goal of these workshops is to provide practical hands-on workshops that will allow participants to use Agile principles in the day-to-day operations of their own businesses. Additionally, participants will be provided with a variety of related materials, including a full run of the Agile Manifesto, as well as a collection of related white papers and case studies. These comprehensive packages, which include everything that you need to know about Agile and Scrum, will help you become more efficient in your own business.

The Agile and Scrum workshop is available for anyone who needs to deepen their understanding of these agile software development principles, as well as anyone who wants to increase his or her own skill level.

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