The RC Drilling Companies

The RC Drilling Companies

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Most people are aware of the specific tools available in a backyard metalworking shop, such as a jack and a drill press. However, some may be unfamiliar with the distinction between these two tools and what their primary purposes are. Drilling is the process of boring holes into objects using a rotating or moving tool. A rotating drill bit, which can be motorized, usually comes in one end, while a stationary drill chuck, which is not traditionally motorized, can be found in the opposite end.

Rotary tools can be used in boring holes into concrete and wood, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, or sheet metal, but these tools are most often used in oil exploration. The tools used by most RC Drilling companies today are designed to drill into more difficult, bigger, and wetter holes. The most common materials used in most drilling applications are steel, concrete, sheet metal, fiberglass, granite, limestone, and other stone. The two basic types of drilling rigs available to consumers today are the vertical and the horizontal drill rig. The difference between these two rigs lies in how the equipment is arranged inside the enclosed area and the type of hole it is capable of drilling.

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