The Las Vegas Buffet – An Institution

The Las Vegas Buffet – An Institution

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Think of Las Vegas strip food and you probably think of the all you can eat buffet. And although you can find everything on the Strip from fast food to some of the country’s best restaurants, the buffet remains a popular choice. It has the two big advantages of being fast and affordable, and the wide choice of food available means there is something for everyone to eat, including kids and picky eaters. Eating at a buffet also means you can sample different foods and cuisine to see what you like. The city’s first buffet opened in the mid 1940s to keep customers in the casino after the main show had ended. The 1950s saw buffets open during the day to feed hungry gamblers, and the ’90s saw the buffet go international with Mexican, Chinese and Italian food, as well as the first Mongolian grill.

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