The Growing Market For Stretch Knit Fabric


Stretch knit fabrics are the most popular types of fabric today. Everyone wants freedom of movement and knit offer that convenience consistently no matter if you’re buying stretch pants, tops, jackets, or undergarments, etc. Stretch fabric is constructed with 2-way stretch, 3-way stretch, or 4-way stretch.

4-way stretch is most found in athletic wear. While the remaining two types of stretch are used for every other type of clothing. With the advent of stretchable woven, more people desire clothing that stretches, so knit wear got an even greater boost at that time also. In 1979, stretch denim made its first appearance. When everyone grasped the comfort stretch could deliver, the knit industry grew even faster.

Stretch knit fabric was more readily purchased by the consumer because they now understood how to care for knits, how to store and hang them, and how to de-wrinkle them.

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