The Evolution Of Canadian Wireless ISP


The typical Canadian Wireless ISP continues to evolve. As the government continues to make the industry more competitive, prices are falling which is a big boon for the average consumer. So for now, the federal strategy seems to be working.

The idea is to allow non-Canadian companies to compete on even ground with established telecommunications players in the country. By leveling the playing field, American companies are able to offer telephony and Internet services at rock-bottom rates unheard of in the previous decade. And the other good news: monopoly is a thing of the past.

Apparently, the government has heard the resounding cry of the people. They used to wonder why customers on the other side of the border were getting much better deals. Many US companies were previously hesitant to move into the Canadian market because of what appeared to them as unfair competition. Well not anymore! The more, the merrier seems to work best for now.

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