The Design Of A Distance Frisbee

The Design Of A Distance Frisbee

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When playing disc golf, you need to select the right gear at the right time. If you are far away from your target, then you must use a distance Frisbee to bridge the gap immediately. These are also called driver discs and are analogous to the driver club in regular golf.

Compared to other types of discs, these tend to be lighter so they can stay up in the air for longer. They are also thinner with sharper edges that can slice through the wind like butter. However, this comes at the cost of instability. In the hands of a well-trained athlete, they can travel hundreds of feet away in an open field.

Note that outdoor performance is strongly affected by environmental conditions. If you are throwing against the wind, then you can expect to go shorter than your average. If you are throwing with the wind, then you can benefit from a boost in distance.

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