The Breastfeeding Nipple Bottle

The Breastfeeding Nipple Bottle

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Babies do not like change when it comes to feeding time. Little ones having to transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding will have specific needs. Nipple base, texture, and shape are all things to consider before purchasing a baby breastfeeding nipple bottle.

The nipple base on a bottle for breast fed babies should be extra wide and made of a soft silicone. This will help the baby transition to the bottle easier as it will mimic the feel of what they are accustomed to. The nipple should also have some stretch to it so the baby can latch easier.

Transitioning back and forth from breast feeding to bottle feeding doesn’t have to be difficult in the world now. Manufacturers have created nipples for bottles that have the feel of a natural breast to help nourish little ones without problems.

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