The Benefits Of A Swing Clear Hinge

The Benefits Of A Swing Clear Hinge

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Common door hinges are not suitable for all doorway applications. Places where a wider door entrance is needed benefit from a special swing clear hinge. It allows the door to open completely. The trolleys and wheelchairs do not face any difficulty in passing through the door. They do not have to be maneuvered skillfully to avoid bumping into the door and its frame. This hinge is especially necessary for places that are required by law or other regulations to ensure easy and safe passage for the wheelchair users. These hinges are used for doors in places like hospitals, clinics, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and other commercial and institutional places.

Also known as offset hinge, it provides wider doorway clearance. A door with this hinge is useful not only for the free movements of wheelchairs and trolleys but also for the daily users. The risk of someone bumping into the door is minimized further. A few inches of more clearance in the door prove useful during fire and other emergencies when everyone inside the building rushes out to get away from the danger area.

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