The Adventures Of Beebosloth

The Adventures Of Beebosloth

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The pen and ink underworld of Stan Osipov is Beebosloth. Beebosloth is the moniker for his skeleton character whose antics include his use of humor to sail through life’s daily reflections, headaches, positive and negative occurrences. In addition to the stark and abrupt occurrences like death, he evaluates and comments on the everyday situations he encounters daily.

Its good old-fashioned humor in caricature form. At times, it’s extremely introspective. Because the character takes the form of a skeleton, it makes every sketch unique and interesting to study or simply enjoy.

Imagine, seeing a skeleton fully clothed slouching in an armchair with the words, “Ready for the end.” It’s hilarious because you wonder how long he’s been ready for the end, since his days ended long ago, and one wonders what took him so long to conclude the end had long since passed.

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