Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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After bearing children or simply growing older, many people find that urinary incontinence can easily become a problem. Embarrassing accidents and the need to use the restroom immediately can really take a toll. However, many of these issues can be reduced if not entirely eliminated through exercise. That’s right, exercises designed to strengthen your pelvic floor is actually one of the number one ways to combat certain types of incontinence. As a matter of fact, many doctors actually recommend strengthening this area through an exercise program prior to pursuing other options such as medications. The pelvic muscles can easily be strengthened, regardless of one’s current fitness ability. These are not grueling exercises, bur rather ones that engage the pelvis and surrounding muscles. Expensive medication with side effects and invasive surgery are the last line of defense for those who suffer from incontinence.

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