Some Of The Latest AI News


Here are some of the latest AI news topics:

AI at the Drive-Thru

Intel has developed a conversational AI that is being used to increase the efficiency of drive-thru ordering. Drive-thru restaurants have seen a huge spike in usage as a result of the impacts of the pandemic. An Israeli company, Hi Auto, has developed a system that greets customers, suggests menu items and automatically enters their order into a point of sale system. If it gets confused, however, it refers the customer to a human employee.

White House Launches AI Website

The White House has launched a website that provides official updates about the National AI Initiative Act of 2020 which became law on January 1st of 2021. It provides a resource where the public can find out how AI is being used in the United States to help tackle important issues such as climate change, the pandemic and dealing with security threats. The site is also is intended to allay fears in the public about issues related to AI governance.

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