Riding America’s Famous Route 66

Riding America’s Famous Route 66

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One of the best motorcycle tours in the USA is to take Route 66. As the song goes, it stretches almost 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles and takes in the plains of the Midwest, and the desert landscape of the southwest. The road was established in the 1920s and then officially ceased to exist in the 1980s, although sections of the road are still there. One of the pleasures of taking this route is being able to experience the real America, away from the big cities and Interstate highways. Riding Route 66 takes you through small towns, past roadside attractions, 1930s diners, mom and pop gas stations and motels that are full of character. Another appeal is that you can take as long as you want to ride the iconic highway, and you’ll need at least a few weeks to see everything

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