Renting A Motorbike In Bangkok

Renting A Motorbike In Bangkok

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If you like the idea of motorbike rental Bangkok dealers are ready to help you. In fact, a bike can often be the easiest way to navigate the city’s crowded and chaotic streets, and a bike lets you bypass the traffic backlogs that often build up at seemingly any time of day. It’s also relatively affordable too; renting a motorbike for the day will typically cost from around $10 to $30 for a 34 hour rental period. To rent a bike, you’ll need a driving license from the country you live in, as well proof of insurance. When riding in the city, always wear protective clothing, a helmet and gloves and signal appropriately, even though other bike riders may not bother with these details. Unfortunately, Thailand has one of the worst accident rates anywhere, so driving safely and sensibly is a must.

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