Rainbow Pot Leaf Inclusivity

Rainbow Pot Leaf Inclusivity

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Rainbow Pot Leaf is a symbol of Cannabis and LGBTQ+ Pride. The stain of marijuana known as “Rainbow Kush” is an indica strain with a Hindu Kush known as “Master Kush” mixed with “Montel’s Pride” that has won many awards. Rainbow Pot Leaf materials in any form tend towards a representation or symbol of positivity and inclusiveness. Rainbow Pot Leaf symbols are appearing in cities and suburbs across the nation. From the 90’s rave generation to the modern young adults the rainbow pot leaf will forever be a symbol of loving inclusiveness that draws people in with open arms. What was once an underground symbol of love and inclusivity has become a pop culture iconic symbol that is found in most homes, in at least one room, basement, or garage. The symbol that was once a counter-culture symbol has become as common as bread and butter.

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