Quality Sample Drilling Service

Quality Sample Drilling Service

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Rotary sample drilling is used to collect core samples from hardpan and other rigid ground surfaces. The core sample drill holes are drilled into the core of the earth using rotary driller machines, and the core sample is removed by a collection device such as a screw auger or vacuum tube. A rotary sampler or rotary collar is then used for analyzing the collected samples. Samples collected using this technique can be studied at any time, as it provides exact data and can be used for geotechnical explorations.

Quality sample drilling offers high-quality data for geological analysis of the soil strata. This technique also provides valuable information for precise sample placement in many applications. Sampling with this technique enables collecting sedimentary samples in suitable places of interest without disturbing the surrounding area. Most geotechnical engineers consider rotary drilling the most efficient way of gathering core samples because it does not disturb the surrounding area, especially compared to other methods such as using the hole auger. Also, using rotary equipment for quality sample drilling provides a higher quality of the sample and more accurate results than the drilling techniques used in manual excavations.

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