Plus Size Women’s Summer Clothing

Plus Size Women’s Summer Clothing

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Summer is here and it’s time to cover less of our bodies and feel the rare breeze as it blows through. That means lighter airier clothing and more skin showing. Plus size women’s summer clothing will reflect the same elements because everyone wants to experience the long hours of sun and the joys of being in the great outdoors.

Plus-size women have undergone a transformation in the last few decades. No longer is she condemned to the interior of the house until the most important of occasions. Now, she is enjoying every manor of outdoor activities with the rest of her family and friends. Because she engages in everything from working, commuting, carpooling, exercising, and maintaining a home and family, she needs a wide variety of clothing to complete all those activities.

In 2017, the global women plus size market were $165 billion (about $510 per person in the US). It has grown at a rate of 4.4% each year since then.

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