Planning with Your Caterer – Ask Your Queries for An Uninterrupted Service

Planning with Your Caterer – Ask Your Queries for An Uninterrupted Service

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You have your wedding planned and everything is fixed from the guest list to the wedding venue, but the venue or decor what people will remember for a long time is good food.  Food is the most essential element responsible for making or breaking any event especially your wedding reception.

Key points you must clarify with your wedding caterer

To fulfill your goal of planning out the best menu possible, the populated city of Texas offers various specialized catering Houston services. Review the ones that you feel suit your needs and budget, shortlist a few of them and question them before finalizing the caterer for the upcoming big day.

A caterer should have the capability to analyze and provide you with the best possible food in terms of taste, presentation and timely service. Do ask your catering service provider the following questions before making the final agreement:

  • Food options available and how can they modify the flavors according to your requirements or preference.
  • Available catering styles, whether they offer plated dinners or buffet. The catering style hugely affects the visual appeal of the food.
  • If they are open for our style of menu or if have only fixed options with starters and main course.
  • If your caterer offers you fixed menu options, ask him for different packages and see if they are providing you enough variety in the allocated budget.
  • Do ask them to negotiate with price, caterers usually ask for a high price in the beginning.
  • See if they understand your venue policies and even better if they can visit the venue before making a final deal to examine venue limitations.
  • If they possess liquor license or can provide you a deal with a bartender.

  • If your caterer arranges for a wedding cake, it would be another job done to save your time.
  • Ask them about cutlery arrangements and choices available to suit your wedding style.
  • Last but not the least enquire about additional or hidden costs to save last minute hustles.

Anticipate your requirements, be prepared and ask as many questions as possible to ensure selection of a perfectly suitable catering provider. Prevent last minute choices and plan weeks ahead. Be sure of timely service as none of your guest will wait for the food to be served or prefer cold food. A successful event requires planning well in advance.

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