Organic Chicory Drink: Medicinal Benefits


Organic chicory drink is a popular invigorating substitute for coffee. Comprising vitamins and minerals, it is good for the body. You can add it to your salads or drink it.

There are plenty of medicinal benefits of including chicory in your daily diet. It has been in use for centuries in Rome, Germany, France to treat a host of gallbladder and liver issues. Chicory is free of caffeine, and if you are looking to cut down on your coffee consumption, you can consider replacing at least one or two cups of coffee a day with chicory. A decoction of the plant is also helpful to stimulate appetite and enhance metabolism. It is prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy to remedy the loss of appetite and constipation that is associated with cancer.

While you can make chicory decoction at home, by boiling the roots of the plant, you can also buy the drink chicory from shops.

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