Navy Veteran Ring Honor

Navy Veteran Ring Honor

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The Navy Veterans Association has designed a Navy Veteran Ring for those who have served in the Navy. By giving a beautiful and meaningful ring, the services show love and respect for men and women in uniform.

There are many different designs available for these rings where; the standard one has a simple band with a diamond on the top. These are usually solid gold or silver designs and can come in white gold and platinum. Another design is a leather band with a diamond on the top and some smaller ones underneath. There is a little different style, with a hinged band design that allows you to open up the band’s bottom section.

A personalized design allows the recipient to add a personal touch to their ring. First, you will design their name and the Navy branch they served in on the inside of the ring. You will then select engraved inscribe letters on the inside that will outline their department of service.

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