Luxury Property In London’s St. James’s

Luxury Property In London’s St. James’s

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Think of luxury property in London and you might think of the city’s historic and elegant St. James’s neighborhood. The area is well known for its exclusive clubs, including the Royal Automobile Club, the Reform Club and White’s, and for its many art galleries. It’s one of the most convenient of central London areas in which to live, as within easy reach are the shops of Piccadilly, the theatres of the West End, and the open spaces of St. James’s Park and Green Park. The area was developed in the 17th century for the country’s aristocracy and since then has been a popular place to live for those who can afford it. Expect to pay at least a million pounds for a one bedroom apartment here, and a four or five bedroom townhouse on one of the most sought after streets or squares can cost £25 million.

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